Iraq post-US.


This is going to be a mess. For a long time. Expect a coup or two. And a fair amount of bloodshed and hand-wringing and blaming America.

But judging from most of 2010, I see that as the natural state of Iraqi politics and a direct reflection on its people and culture and religious situation and tribal focus and corruption.

If your elected representatives can't form a government in ten months, then it's more or less out of US forces' hands. You're on your own now, kids. Don't kill each other too much.

But hey, with the US gone it'll just be a civil war with Shiites killing Sunnis and everyone hating America. I have little trouble with that, as long as you're not using the US as an excuse to blow each other up. With a little luck the level of violence might actually go down.

Women might have a decent chance at getting education and free commerce and all that. Good stuff ahead, despite the crazy politics and the divining rods instead of bomb detection kits (i.e., a mirror on a stick and a flashlight to check under vehicles).

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