Islam. West. Bombs.


Taimour Abdulwahab al-Abdaly, named by Swedish prosecutors as the bomber, attended Luton Islamic Centre in 2007, but "stormed out" amid criticism.
Chairman Qadeer Baksh said: "In hindsight, maybe I should have spent a bit more time with that person."

In hindsight, maybe you should have reported him to the cops. You knew that something could be happening, and you did nothing to prevent it.

Moderate moslems and mosque-goers in the West: "Well, it's not our problem, we obey the law. Why didn't the cops find this guy? Why does everyone hate us?"

Cops: "Huh, what? We had no intel on this guy. Why didn't the MI6 or CIA get him?"

MI6/CIA: "We've got millions of people travelling back and forth to the Middle East all the time. How are we supposed to catch ONE crazy guy acting alone?"

Victims: "..."

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