Ivory Coast. Mess.


I had a gf from I.C. in college. She was easily one of the most messed-up people I've ever known, and after studying the place she came from and hearing a little about her home life I can understand why.

Institutionalized corruption. Complete lack of governance. Education that's just blown away by all the bad forces at work on society. Superstition. Guns. Drugs. Premature rejection of old colonial overlords.

Nobody wants more war, or civil war. But long-term these countries would be better off with one single faction having a monopoly on violence. Africa needs a winner - not necessarily a just and liberal and corruption-free winner, that'd be asking a little too much. I'd settle for stability at near ANY cost. Human rights are nice and all, but championing those in the midst of civil wars just don't work all that good.

Corruption is bad, but stability for a generation can bring all kinds of good stuff in the form of eventual reform, education, greater awareness and the power of the internet.

Either case, you're screwed. Invite the old colonial powers to annex you and take charge of security and civil governance, maybe. I trust them a lot more than I trust the new locally-sourced politicians.

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