The leaker gets leaked on. Up yours, Mr. Assange.


Another conspiracy by the imperialist American regime to discredit and stop you, am I right?

Or perhaps you're just another idiot overblown with his own self-importance insisting that "Hey, we don't need to use a condom!"

 ...the leak of a 68-page confidential Swedish police report that sheds new light on the allegations of sexual misconduct that led to Mr. Assange’s legal troubles.
The Swedish report traces events over a four-day period in August when Mr. Assange had what he has described as consensual sexual relationships with two Swedish women. Their accounts, which form the basis of an extradition case against Mr. Assange, are that their encounters with him began consensually, but became nonconsensual when he persisted in having unprotected sex with them in defiance of their insistence that he use a condom.

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