Nutcases of the world - Unite!


Conspiracy theory heaven is Pakistan, apparently. Occam's Razor, fools. Find me a shred of evidence that the Pakistani floods weren't just a result of poor governance for decades, poor preparation and some decidedly natural rainfall.

Sure, dams can be opened and wars over water will continue to be a larger and larger part of the international arena, and many states have experimented with using jets to drop chemicals on clouds to induce rainfall. It's done commercially to increase winter snowfall.

But the chances of the Indians successfully causing a natural disaster in Pakistan are about zero. Fix your own dysfunctional nation, Pakistan. Fix your lack of all-encompassing elementary education for both girls and boys in your tribal areas. Fix your corruption. Fix your horrible building standards - or rather, the non-enforcement of due to corruption.

Fix your completely lack of central government influence in tribal areas rotten with Al Qaeda, Lashkar-e-Taiba, Pakistan Taliban and foreign fighters using your country as a haven and base of operations for strikes agains Afghani, U.S. and allied international troops trying to build a strong, successful Afghanistan.

Then we can look into these ridiculous attempts to make up an external threat to keep attention away from your own failings. Idiots.



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