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“I do not understand why so much ire is directed at Assange and so little at the New York Times” - Jack L. Goldsmith, conscientious good guy legalhead.

"I keep thinking about the Wikileaks affair,” [Stephen M.] Walt wrote for NPR’s Web site, “and I keep seeing the double-standards multiplying. Given how frequently government officials leak classified information in order to make themselves look good, box in their bureaucratic rivals, or tie the President's hands, it seems a little disingenuous of them to be so upset by Assange's activities.” 

“When presented with embarrassing disclosures about U.S. spying and meddling, the policy that requires so much spying and meddling is not questioned,” said [libertarian Ron Paul,] the nominal Texas Republican, denouncing calls for prosecuting Assange. “Instead the media focuses on how authorities might prosecute the publishers of such information.” 
I'm all with Goldsmith on this one. Assange doesn't care who he hurts or what the consequences of his actions are. NYT might be a little more concerned with the disastrous effect that just throwing classified documents to the internet might have, but they're little better.

1. Assange is not qualified to decide what should and should not be classified with respect to US foreign correspondence and intelligence.
2. Same with NYT.

Neither have the knowledge needed to protect informants and make sure these two wars don't go on longer than they have to because of these leaks. The wide spread of these documents make it harder for the US to accomplish our stated goals in the Middle East. Do the NYT and Assange really want a nuclear war there - and wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to go on for the foreseeable future? I'm guessing neither thought much about that before rushing to get the "scoop" and rushing to get a quick hit in on the US establishment.

And Ron Paul - maybe the policy that requires so much spying and meddling is that of the last administration? Or maybe the policies you are referring to are the efforts to successfully close down combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan? Do you really want to question our efforts to bring the troops home?

Not that the media aren't a bit stupid about this - but yeah, this time it's not really the current US administration's foreign policy with respect to two wars that really needs to get a dagger in the back from a traitor little Private with dreams of being a hacker and a whistleblower - with help from some unscrupulous diehard anti-Americans like Assange.

Shame on you, Ron Paul. Have a little sympathy for the people who bleed and die and just want to go home. Like my friends, you ****ing ***hole.

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