Prostitution. Murders.


Nobody wants a "red-light" district right next to them. You're not gonna kill the world's second oldest profession. You'll just drive it underground and put the girls at more risk.

Then there's some murders. The girls get calls or are picked up on the street where they advertise, and then get taken someplace as usual and not as usually - get killed. Oops. Big hype. Police start working on it. Then it dies down and nothing much happens.

License brothels. Put them outside of town. Sure it's a sordid business and trafficked girls get caught in the middle, but if the brothel is licensed then it's less likely to contribute to the trafficking incentive for criminal networks. Better have them safe than murdered.

Spread information about guys who attack prostitutes as much as possible, so the girls in the next city can have a place to check up on the evil guys as opposed to the regular john.

Feel free to mix your religion in on this - but as far as I'm concerned it's the safety of the girls first and your moral imperatives second.

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