Saudi Arabia. Hope.


Initially, the kingdom resisted U.S. overtures to pursue Saudi donors who supported groups that did not pose a direct threat to the kingdom. But Smith said the Saudis had shown a new “willingness to take action, and have begun to detain individuals involved in funding networks for groups such as [LeT], the Taliban, and in some cases even Hamas.”
He noted with approval that in August 2009 Saudi officials deliberately timed a news release announcing the arrests of 44 alleged terrorism supporters to coincide with Ramadan, sending a clear warning to potential donors.

Taken together with Saudi opinions on striking Iran before Iran's soon-to-be nuclear weapons & missiles capability - this leads me to believe that Saudi pragmatism and GRADUAL opening might just be on the books in the half-century to come. Spread the internet. Spread religious and sexual-preference tolerance. Spread democracy (say what you want about G.W. Bush - at least his administration got some democracy into the Arab world, can't say that about Clinton), even if its corrupt and problematic and might just die a natural death at the hands of any one in a loooooooooong line of Iraqi "strongmen" and dictators.

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