Sweden. Two terror attacks. ONE dead. Idiot.

Unfortunately there's litte about this that is bad and a whole lot of stuff that's good. I'm a bit of a Realpolitik ***hole in case you hadn't noticed.

One life thrown away for not much reason at all.
People scared.
Damage to two people and some property.

Sweden and its people start to wake up a little bit.
Less naiveté amongst its decidedly arch-liberal population (many Swedes who consider themselves conservatives or middle-of-the-road politically would be considered communists and far left extremists in the U.S.).
More politicians, judges, police, security police (Säpo - the interior intelligence service, eq. FBI) and regular people paying attention to the fact that terrorists and people like Osama bin Laden can move in and out of the country relatively easily.
More cooperation with the countries that are bearing the brunt of the burden when it comes to fighting the scourge of modern jihadists and the fundamentalist Islam that is threatening a nuclear war in the Middle East.

Basically it's a win-win for the good guys. The idiots lost one idiot. Heh.

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