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Iraqi Kurd Aso Mohammed Ibrahim was jailed for four months after knocking down Amy Houston in Blackburn in 2003.
Her father Paul Houston, from Darwen, told judges last month they had the power to bring his "seven years of hell to an end" by sending Ibrahim to Iraq.
"Where are my human rights?” - Paul Houston, victim's father
But two senior immigration judges have now ruled he can remain in the UK.
...due to be deported but won the right to stay in the UK in December 2009 after arguing that, because he now had two children since being freed from prison, he had a right to a family life under Article 8 of the Human Rights Act. 
Four months' jail for driving without a license, hit and run and dragging a kid to her death? Then 7 years of deportation proceedings during which all a refugee has to do is make a baby or two in order to be able to stay in the country indefinitely?

I'm sorry. I don't get it. Sure, compassion for people fleeing violence and horrible conditions in their native countries. I'm an immigrant, too. But there has to be limits on it, and somewhere in the last seven years those limits were overstepped in this case.

Those deportation proceedings should've been initiated a lot earlier and gone quicker. I'm thinking the Aussies kinda got it right with the way they're protecting their mainland from what is 90% economic refugees. Sure, it sucks living in South America with North America within reach - or being in a hopeless part of Asia or Africa. But the solution to that is in the hands of the people living there, it's not a solution to just have everyone move to the nice, peaceful and prosperous parts.

If you're fed up with your economic and political situation in your home country, then organize and do something about it, don't break the law and hope for a better life as an illegal immigrant.

Yes, I'm heartless and cruel.

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