US. Pakistan. Afghanistan.


Take action against the people on your territory that are launching attacks against us and our allies and the fledgling democracy in Afghanistan. Or we will.

Kayani, who as Pakistan's army chief has more direct say over the country's security strategy than its president or prime minister, has resisted personal appeals from President Obama, U.S. military commanders and senior diplomats. Recent U.S. intelligence estimates have concluded that he is unlikely to change his mind anytime soon. Despite the entreaties, officials say, Kayani doesn't trust U.S. motivations and is hedging his bets in case the American strategy for Afghanistan fails.
Good man. You should never trust anyone until proven otherwise beyond a reasonable doubt. What he fails to understand is that his position, and the position of his country, depends on a strong India and a strong, viable Afghanistan. They fall, and Pakistan falls.

If he really wants an Afghanistan full of Taliban then he can probably make that happen after US forces leave. That might make him happy. For a while. And then he'll have to face the problem of what those same forces want to do to his elected government.

I'm guessing there's a whole lot of national pride and plucky-underdog you're not gonna push ME around type stuff going on.

Control your territory. Deal with the terrorist havens in your tribal areas or someone else will eventually do it for you.

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