What would Jesus or Mohammed have said about this?

As Master of Pontifical Liturgical Celebrations, he shadows the pope's every move and makes sure that every candle, Gregorian chant and gilded vestment is exactly as he, the pope and God intended it to be.
"The criterion is that it is beautiful," Marini said.
But beauty, especially when it comes to the rituals of Roman Catholic liturgy, is a topic of great debate between conservative and liberal Catholics, who share differing views on everything from the music and language of the Mass to where a priest should stand and how he should give Communion.

Face it, you've become trapped by the very things that you sought over the centuries to express your faith and accumulate your power. Your faith is no longer the central thing - it's now the ceremony and the words and the gestures and the gold and the priceless antiquities and the ever-higher church steeples. Jesus the man and the preacher would have looked at all your finery and how you try to tell other people how they should and should not live - and he would have told you to give it all up. Disgusting.

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