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The official said there was a great deal of debate within the government about whether redactions should be negotiated with WikiLeaks. "It's a very sensitive issue," the official said. "The problem is if you point out the most sensitive things to them, then you are implicitly saying that other things which are comparably sensitive are not being pointed out. And they can legitimize a large group of disclosures."
WikiLeaks has said it will do its own redactions, but the official said, "We don't trust their judgment."
The official said the group had already released the material to various media outlets before it offered to discuss redactions.

Someone steals information from you and publishes it. Then they do it again, and ask you for more information so they can "redact" the names of nice people who might get killed as a result of these leaks. Except Wikileaks should apparently be in charge of judging who should or should not be protected.

Problem is, if you give them information about people, they're very likely to just publish that information as well. Or disagree with you on who should or should not have their name redacted.

"Hey guys, this is the list of people the U.S. government doesn't want you to know about! Yay we scored another scoop, and the imperialist bastards gave us the list!"

Simply put, there can be no trust between people when one of them is dedicated to stealing from the other, or hurting the other any way they can - and has proven their capability to do so.

A bunch of hackers and social activists MIGHT very well have nothing but the best interests of the world at heart - but they have zero experience or knowledge on how to protect source X or undercover intelligence asset Y from being outed.

All you're doing is hurting the United States and its allies any way you can. If we negotiate with you, it'll just get worse. You'll take anything we give you and publish it - you've already proven that you'll do that with information you stole from us.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

What keeps th3j35t3r from abusing his hacking abilities to harm U.S. interests?
"my dead friends kep me from dong that, and also my alive ones. ;-)," he writes back. "and my drive and reason for embarking on this in the first place."

Good man, also a bit visible. Just (EDIT: did not) got raided by ...the local sheriff's office? At least there's a tiny bit of grass-roots hacker backlash against WL and the radicalizing sites.

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