Your religion is not a special religion.


I'm right. You're wrong. You should think like I do and do what I say and don't do the things that I tell you you shouldn't. You should also instruct your children and your women to do things the way I say you should.

Sound good?


Ok, how about each society determines how to go about its own business the way the people in that society wants to do it? Self-determination, all that. You do things your way, I do things my way and maybe we can agree on some basic things here and there. I realize that fundamental things like educating both boys and girls in basic stuff like math, science, reading and writing is still a bit controversial in a lot of places, so in the absence of the resources and will to invade and conquer and change by force we'll just go really slowly on that.

I have no problems with people who voluntarily want to listen to jacks like Ghaddafi or Ayatollah whatsisname. Go ahead. Beat up your women if they have the temerity to get a job so they can provide for the family since you can't get enough money to support your family. Ok, women getting beat up happens all the time and if it's on the other side of the world in a closed, repressive society that's going after nuclear weapons there's not much I can or want to do about it. Oh well. Same with kids. Sucks, but that's the way it goes.

Everyone thinks that their society and their religion and their way of doing things is special. The "Swedish Model". American exceptionalism. Sarah Palin. North Koreans. Stalinists.

But get off my cartoonists. People draw stuff and write stuff. It happens. Sometimes you don't agree with it. Feel free to legislate in Turkey against insulting this or that or someone. Feel free to do so in whatever country you're in.

I don't show up on your doorstep wanting to kill such and such for burning an American flag or whatever. So leave people alone. Get over yourself. Sure it should or could be a crime for a muslim to insult or make a caricature of the prophet Muhammad. Fine with me - chop his head off all you want. Feel free to make caricatures of Jesus or the other Jews.

Do not feel free to tell people who don't share your culture or religion what they can and can't do when they draw pictures or write letters.

Your religion is not special. You are not a special culture. You do not have the right to beat people up for no damn good reason. Yes, I realize that George W. Bush and friends didn't exactly share that belief and it seems a bit hypocritical for me to say "Don't be a bully" when America has been acting like one for a good ten years now, add fifty if you care about American support for keeping the Palestinians under lock and key in their ghettoes surrounded by rich, thriving Jewish-only settlements.

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