Afghanistan. Governance. Culture.


The US can't fix everything. You can't overnight change a corrupt political tradition based on tribal and ethnic and religious loyalties. That kind of stuff takes half a century, ref. MLK and the civil rights movement in North America.

It's sooner or later up to the Afghans themselves how well they want their country to run. If you don't like the way it's going I suggest you start by organizing locally and making things happen at a grass roots level. Sure you'll come back and say "I can't do this because of that." And "these people are stopping me from doing X, Y and Z."

Thing is, that's the way it is with a lot of things in a lot countries. You have to organize, build a base of support and make things happen any way you can if you want transparency and good governance and a responsive leadership. And then you'll have power and be tempted and the cycle begins over again.

Good luck. No-one but you, the people of the area, can in the end truly defeat the Taleban and the corruption.

American soldiers can only bleed so much for you. American money will not flow limitlessly from the pockets of the American taxpayer.

Sorry. Now get out there and do something.

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