The bullcrap strikes again.

This is bullcrap. The people convincting him have never done a WESTPAC or back-to-back Gulf deployments and struggled to keep their sanity and have a little fun while working 6-on 6-off amidst fire drills and ESWS b.s. Cellblock 62 00-02.

Many fellow sailors on the Enterprise leapt to the defense of Honors in the wake of his dismissal, describing him as a funny, caring and conscientious officer. A Facebook page that was created in his honor showed 2,700 supporters by day's end. [25,000 a day later]
"I have nothing to gain or lose by saying that Capt. Honors did wonders for the morale of our ship," said one sailor who served on the Enterprise when the videos were made and declined to be quoted by name because he remains on active duty. "I've been in for 13 years and never had an officer that I felt was more approachable."
Other former Navy officers acknowledged that ribald humor, similar in nature to the sexual innuendo in Honors's videos, is a storied part of Navy tradition. For decades ships have held elaborate "Shellback" ceremonies for sailors making their first trip across the equator. 

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