Culture? How do you explain this?


Angry mourners attacked police who rushed to the scene, accusing them of failing to provide protection.
He said young men were throwing stones at the Iraqi security forces, angry that they had failed to protect them.
Other witnesses said police fired into the air to disperse the angry crowd, but then came under attack from gunmen and returned fire. It is unclear if anyone was hurt in the shooting. 

American arrested in Pakistan for killing two people who allegedly pursued him after he withdrew money from an ATM and tried to rob him. The mob immediately accuses him of murder and the headlines read "American Rambo goes on murderous rampage!"

Guilt by nationality?

How about the people who may have been trying to rob him? Or kidnap or murder him?

"My son [brother/relative/whatever] was no robber! This is a lie!"

Ok, whatever. I'm fairly certain that the relatives of the person you're accusing of murder will also say that THEIR relative is no murderer. Fact is, you wouldn't know. You think you would know but ...No. It doesn't work that way. Unless you have video evidence of this incident I don't think you can clearly say what happened. Obviously most people who witnessed it have incentives to present themselves or the surviving participant in a positive/negative light.

Now the car bomb attack on the funeral. Horrible. Did the crowd and the organizers take any steps to pre-emptively defend themselves?


But I guess the police should have and that makes them a legit target for stones and attacks and the mob.

You people deserve your dictatorships and your corruption and your secret police forces and your conspiracy theories and your dysfunctional political narrative.

We don't need a perfect situation in Iraq and Afghanistan before the US gets the hell out. We just need a situation that's stable enough that reasonable people will see that the collapse is their own damn fault if it comes. And let's hope it doesn't - but odds are it will. It'll be a mess and hopefully we won't have to go in there in quite the same amount of force next time.

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