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I'm a nerd.
I'm an artist.
I'm a macho military physical fitness guns and explosives kinda guy.

Amazing how I'm not able to separate myself from the works of art I produce, whether that be writing or film editing or whatever. I can't seem to take criticism, yet give it freely and harshly to others.

Correction - I can take criticism from sources I respect who seem knowledgeable and are well-respected/well-known.

Let's take a recent movie project of mine. Worked hard on it. Post & publish it. Get a semi-serious negative comment about something only tangentially related to the movie - just really about something minor I put in the movie description.

Emotional result? I immediately go into hard-core defensive mode.

"Damn trolls."
"How dare they attack my obviously superior, much more culturally valuable masterpiece?"

Except the person who made the comment meant it as sort of a joke.

4chan aside (and yes, anonymity kills rational discussion most of the time, which I why I like facebook so much) - this happens to tons of artists.

If you put your stuff out there for other people to see, they will tear it down and denigrate it. You will be offended. I had a small and inconsequential little feud going with a guy named Olibith or BaronSoosdon (?) for a little bit. "Your line of creative art is without value and only my way of doing machinima is worthwhile. Pvp videos are just some in-game footage and a silly Linkin Park soundtrack. Linkin Park shouldn't even be allowed, such horrible music." Etc. People who express opinions like that are hard to reason with. He was very upset that anyone could disagree with him.

Oh well, hard-headed very successful artist and all that. Great machinima, which nothing that I have ever produced really qualifies as. My stuff is more in the category of gaming fan movie. Shooting that on the fly when you're in a once-in-a-lifetime moment inside the game, controlling both a character and trying for an interesting camera angle and defeating an opposing player or computer-controlled opponent at the same time takes mad amounts of skill. To make it visually compelling even more so. Then to make it better by editing and setting to music. Machinima on the other hand is done at the pleasure and convenience of the artists - more of a traditional work of art where the film-maker sits down and works on it in peace and quiet at his leisure. If it doesn't look right you can always just rearrange some Model Viewer shots. Sure it takes lots of effort. But no particular gaming skill. And doesn't have all that much to do with the actual game in question.

All I want is to see cool stuff and be entertained. Model Viewer effort doesn't really excite me.

Back to 4chan.

You're anonymous on the internet. How much respect I give you and how much importance I place on your opinion is directly related to your credentials. If you're just random with no history, I truly don't respect you. If Tom Wolsky pipes up on a video editing forum, you can bet your last dollar I'm listening.

Vurtne just sent me a PM on WCM. You think I'm gonna listen? HELL YES.

Some random person on an internet forum criticizes me - should I care? HELL NO.

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