First of all, swans are not fat-free. Or stick-thin. They are graceful, strong and well-muscled - ready for a fight or emergency take-off at a moment's notice.

Ballet, she said, can be a “sick and twisted art form” that puts an unrealistic value on “achieving this beautiful thin body.”

Yup, sure is. But a thin body is not beautiful. If I can count your ribs then go grab something to eat and then we can sit down and talk about why the hell I would want to hang out with someone who's obviously living an unhealthy life. Yuck.

Sure, I'm as shallow as - or more - than the average guy. I have unrealistic standards. It's way easier for me as a 36-year-old man to be seen as good-looking than it is for the average 36-year-old woman with similar life background as far as upbringing & body work goes.

But I have zero desire to hang out with a girl on a long-term basis who's not healthy and is liable to break her brittle bones any day. That's just more trouble than it's worth. If you want to impress your girlfriends with how stick-thin your arms look in a dress, that's on you. Don't bring me into it.

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