Get Pope. Become Saint.


Some dude gets elected to the highest administrative/bureaucratic office in his particular sect of his particular religion. Cool.

The guy dies. Ok, it happens.
Some nun is all up in his cult of personality, was diagnosed with Parkinson's - a disease with no tests or conclusive related diagnostical tools. Then she feels better and is able to write his name on a piece of paper.

*BAM* sainthood.
Why? "By popular demand."

You are now free to pray to yet another dead guy because some people are crazy and some sexually repressed girls/women get infatuated with their powerful religious leaders.

...may have included what medical experts suggested at the time could be "psychiatric mimics", which can show similar symptoms as Parkinson's disease, but those symptoms cannot be attributed to neurological disease.

"One of the French doctors who was treating the sister does not believe in the supernatural. Well, when he saw she was healed, he said that if she was now better, she could not have had Parkinson's Disease," Mr Tornielli said.
That last part isn't exactly a convincing argument against weird things happening. But then again, it's not like we thoroughly understand Parkinson's and/or related neurological diseases - and placebo/psychosomatic healing effects have long been observed in clinical trials. Good for the chick that she feels better. That rocks. I'm guessing it had something to do with her faith. Good for her. Sometimes I wish I had faith like that, too - then maybe I'd feel better as well.

Or maybe I'd feel worse for trying to believe in a fraud purely for my own personal gain. Which would be kinda hard to begin with. I'm one of those empirical, verifiable observations please - kind of guys.

I just think it's kinda funny and points to the hypocrisy of the Catholic Church how the dude holds a high office with no particular crazy stuff happening (let's disregard the whole AIDS thing for the sake of argument), dies and then five years later people are stumbling all over themselves trying to make sure he's attributed with a miracle so the High Reverend Church AUTHORITY can take a ...vote (??!) and issue a statement (!) saying the deceased is now open for business up in heaven, y'all just gotta get down on yer knees and open up your wallets and send happy thoughts and think real real hard and he'll listen to your thoughts, he will. That'll be 10% of your monthly income, please. Anything you can spare for the poor and the church needs a new roof and the Cathedral in Rome needs some more gold filigree and the Popemobile needs another tank of gas, thankyouverymuch.

But otoh, if it makes people feel better and keeps them docile and believing, I suppose that might be a good thing. Catholic believers are generally good people. Except when they launch wars and oppose birth control for poor people and persecute Jews and other religions.

John Paul's defence of the Catholic Church's moral teaching against the use of artificial birth control, including the use of condoms to prevent the spread of HIV,[14] was harshly criticised by doctors and AIDS activists, who said that it led to countless deaths and millions of AIDS orphans.[208] Critics have also claimed that large families are caused by lack of contraception and exacerbate Third World poverty and problems such as street children in South America.

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