Iran. Daily Show. Hope.



...doesn't know how many people watch "Parazit" via their forbidden satellite dishes, posts from "Parazit's" Facebook page have been viewed more than 17 million times in the past month - a staggering number compared with other VOA programming. The show's YouTube channel generates another 45,000 hits each week.
Another how many years until a new generation gets fed up with an out-of-touch religious government and student protests and lack of opportunities and right-wing fanatics trying to control society? I'm guessing less than 50, more than ten.

How much longer til they're fed up with the idea that a woman is legally worth half a man (i.e., it takes two women's testimony to equal that of one man)?

Internet. Mobile phones with access to news and anything you want as far as information goes. No way in hell you can stop this stuff.

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