Israel hangs a right.


Labour is splintering and about to kick the bucket as a mainstream powerful force - the right-wing Likudniks and others are strengthened and the general strategy seems to be to just hang on and ride out Barack Obama while waiting for another George W. Bush.

Congratulations to the settlers. You win this one.

Condolences to the people living under occupation in the West Bank and Gaza (might want to consider starting to call that Judea and Samaria) - your best bet might be to just get annexed by Israel and hope for Israeli citizenship eventually. But no mainstream politician in Israel proper wants an influx of poor Arabs with no education.

Or you could just dissolve your government and go the Gaza way. Or plod along without any real accomplishments or initiatives while the settlements grow strong and prosperous around you. After a few decades of that the settlements might actually start to become a catalyst for change in the Arab parts of the occupied territories - as people see what their own governments and leaders and business acumen is NOT bringing them.

Face it, you got outplayed - culturally, economically and politically. Can't beat them - join them.

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