Low Orbit Ion Cannon eats it.


The group used an online tool called LOIC to allow members to easily take part in the bombardments of websites.
The site from which it could be downloaded reassured people that there was "next to zero" chance that anyone who used it would be caught.
But a study found that the tool makes no attempt to hide a user's net address which would lead any investigator almost straight to an attacker.

I sympathize with a lot of Anonymous' attacks. But not when they're trying to defend an organization which is an outspoken opponent of US efforts to provide a stable transition to successful civilian governments in Iraq and Afghanistan. I don't care if you hate George W. Bush - he's not in charge anymore. We're just trying to pick up the pieces and fit them together into functioning democracies right now. The harder you make that, the worse the wars get and the more power and influence for Iran, Al Qaeda-in-Iraq and the Taleban.

Not everything the US does is right. Cue Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo (yuck) and indefinite detention (double yuck).

But trying to hit Amazon and VISA/Mastercard and whomever doesn't feel like doing business with an organization that is deliberately trying to stop American diplomats and military personnel from doing their jobs - that just ain't right.

Good riddance.

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