Superstition kills? Or confirmation bias.


I am biased. So are you.
...deadly stampedes are not unusual at Indian temples, where huge crowds gather in small areas with few safety measures or crowd controls.
But why do things like this not happen in advanced, industrialized, comparatively secular and educated Western societies?

The goody two-shoes carebear soft-handed bleeding heart liberal here responds that I'm biased and cruel and mean and uncaring.

I do care. I'm also saying that traditional, tribal, heavily religious societies make for stupid people - or at least people who can't figure out what to do in emergencies. Sure, I get panicky sometimes, too. I get scared. I freeze up. I'm heavily trained to not react to this or that, and to be able to handle extreme cold, heat, discomfort, pressure, danger and all that stuff.

But good luck seeing these types of stampedes around where I grew up. Or in the USA.

Or maybe I'm just cherry-picking evidence to suit my own agenda, not unlike the neo-cons did to get the latest war in Iraq going off. Your call.

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