The Tunisia Model?

"Today Ben Ali, tomorrow Hosni Mubarak"

 Mmmmm... Arab revolutions. Danger and excitement, for both freedom-fighters and radical fanatic jihadists.
Looting, killings, prison escapes and riots. 1000 prisoners let out. Let's hope they were political but I doubt that.

But no matter what - dictators falling can never be an entirely bad thing, no matter what happens next. Another repressive strong-handed regime might follow. With religious overtones.

Sure, that'd be bad. But they'd be looking over their shoulder for the next revolution. And the people who made this happen, will not suffer lightly another yoke of tyranny. Twitter. Facebook. Youtube.

The other regimes will likely do whatever to stave off a repeat. Clamp down. Concessions. Or collapse. Eventually they'll lose out, the clamp downs can't last indefinitely. People will out.

Yay. Hope.

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