Unanswered questions in Pakistan.


A pedestrian was also killed by a speeding car from the US consulate which came to help, police say.
They are investigating whether the two men on the motorcycle were robbers.

Lahore police chief Aslam Tareen told the AP news agency that the American was being questioned by the police and may be charged with both murder and illegally carrying a weapon: a Beretta pistol. Weapons were recovered from the bodies of the dead men.
"Diplomatic staff usually enjoy a certain type of immunity, but I am not sure about murder," he said. "We will consult the Foreign Office and legal advisers in this regard."
Local TV showed footage of what it said was the American official's car. It had several bullet holes in the windscreen.
Why did he feel threatened? Was he being pursued - if so, why? Robbers or assassins or just law abiding people riding around with guns?

Why were the windows shattered? Did the American in the car fire out of the vehicle through the windows or was he fired on from outside?

And what's with the whole crowd-gathering that always happen in these countries as soon as there's violence?

Contrast that to people running for cover and disappearing in a lot of the more industrialized nations.

The speeding car was doing what when the person driving it killed a presumably-innocent civilian? That at least seems a little more clear-cut - if you're driving to someone's aid in a foreign city, then it's on you not to kill any pedestrians while doing so.

Why was the American alone? Is that standard practice for diplomatic personnel in the area? What was his job and background?

Did the two dead attackers (?) have the right to ride around with weapons? What kind of weapons?

Illegally carrying a weapon? Compared to how many guns all over the place in Pakistan?

I'm guessing the guy who was attacked (?) or pulled his gun in self-defense ****ed up pretty bad. Either he shouldn't have been in the situation he was in, or he was up to no good. Or he didn't have a right to just be driving around town with weapons.

The two dudes were either nobodies doing stupid stuff like chasing after a car with guns, or terrorists, or robbers. Or a combination of the two or three.

And a presumably innocent pedestrian dead by speeding car. That ain't right. But neither is robbers or terrorists chasing people.


Pakistan is heading for hyper inflation after the IMF stopped a payment of $3.5bn (£2.3bn) of its $11.3bn loan to Islamabad.
The IMF said the country's economic situation was far worse than previously thought.
It also said Pakistan had done nothing to reduce its budget deficit, which has soared to 6%, despite a 4% target for the current financial year.
That figure is expected to rise to 8% before the year is out.
The IMF is furious that the government has reneged on a promise to introduce a reformed general sales tax and a tax on agricultural income.
Pakistan's rich landlords and politicians pay barely any income tax.
Well that should work out allright, then. Culture of officialdom and impunity and mis-use of authority. What a mess of a country.

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