Crime. Google Maps. Cameras.


Cameras all over Monaco. FBI and local PD's use convenience store and parking lot surveillance cameras all the time to catch criminals.

Anonymity, 4chan and the expectation that no-one is watching breeds temptation in the minds of people who are already up to no good.

That doesn't mean that taking away all our privacy is a good thing. But it does mean that a proliferation of camera surveillance around your house or business and place of recreation will make you and your family safer. Few criminals will take on "hard" targets - there's way too many much easier targets.

Plot the police reports on Google Maps. Want to move to a new town - check the Crime Stats for your new neighbourhood. Check the amount of camera surveillance around the place where you will be bringing up your children.

The Home Office said www.police.uk was receiving up to five million hits an hour, or some 75,000 a minute.
The site allows you to see the offences reported in your local street by entering a street name or postcode.
More information available to more people is a good thing, generally. More transparency keeps criminals and government/military people like me from doing really bad things.

Making the world a better, safer, more transparent place as much as possible. That doesn't mean that Wikileaks and the like are right to just throw classified documents out there - that kind of crap just prolongs already unnecessary wars. Yes, the war in Iraq was unnecessary, but to withdraw right now would be massive chaos if you do it too abruptly. Once the US forces are out of there, feel free to pull all the nasty stuff out in the open.

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