CrossFit. Sex and Sexism. Discrimination.

What do you see when you glance at these pictures? Does CrossFit Inc need the business that they generate - or is it just an innocent celebration of the types of human bodies that result from the CF training regime?
Two strong, healthy & cute girls having fun on vacation someplace warm and tropical - and dressed appropriately for the occasion.

Two young girls exploited for their looks and dress - a message that all women must conform to a certain beauty ideal and society only values them for their looks and willingness to take their clothes off. A "rape culture" promotional image.
A strong man on vacation.
Yet another victim of society's macho idea of how a man should or should not look and act.

Should women have the same rights to go topless in public as men generally do?
Is she being exploited? Is this an insult to women and men who do not fit the "ideal" stereotype?

Personally I think it's a business as much as it is a community. The people selecting the pictures will always end up offending someone, and can be forgiven for wanting to have a little fun once in a while. Someone who grows up in an extremely liberal part of the US won't have the same mindset about what's right and appropriate as someone growing up in Victorian Singapore or a conservative holdout on the US East coast, e.g.

But then again, I'm a man and very comfortable in my own body. (Other than my inability to do a hand stand pushup after 3 years of CrossFit.) I suppose according to some people those two facts mean I'm automatically biased.

Pictures were taken from a cursory glance at the last 2+ months of www.crossfit.com mainsite images and do not include all images that were posted on the CrossFit facebook page. Maybe someone can do a more exhaustive image analysis. I only included the ones where there were significant amounts of skin showing.

In other news, sic semper tyrannis - so congratulations to the people of Egypt. Now, about that Muslim Brotherhood and sharia and women's rights and the right to choose or leave your religion thing and all that other stuff. Freedom from torture and the people who justify it and order it and so on and so forth...


  1. Being a crossfitter, and female I can say that seeing those pictures doesn't bother me one bit! And I go to church almost every Sunday, with my husband and 3 children (we also have 2 cats and 2 dogs in case you are wondering.) Crossfit is a lifestyle, we are a very health conscience community, and we love ourselves! We work hard and we are proud of it.... sometimes we show off :)

  2. how about we stop bowing down to the whinging minorities and stop apologizing for everything. The photos are a celebration of the product of crossfit and not an expectation that everyone must meet these standards to be part of the community. Mr O is an unreasonable and unachievable level for the majority, CrossFit long enough with a decent degree of commitment and intensity and the results are there, and lets not forget the volunteer status of the participants. I'm sick of this even being an issue anymore, go find a real cause that needs your attention