Evolution is a theory. You can't prove it?

I grew up in Sweden.

Sweden is a very progressive liberal country that for most of the last century was in the grip of fairly moderate democratic socialists. It's got a monarchy with pure PR powers. For a long time the National Church of Sweden kept birth certificates and kids' school starts and the ...more importantly, the end of each school year - were celebrated in mandatory Church ceremonies. Whether you liked it or not you went to church a few times a year as a kid.

It ain't like that no more. Good thing. But it was a nice ceremony and kinda cool sometimes and everyone all dressed up and solemn and singing and whatnot.

My parents never forced me to do anything with regards to religion. My sister decided she wanted communion or whatever it's called. I made up my own mind after reading most of the Bible and some Buddhism and some of the Quran and some other stuff.

Pfft. Waste of time. But what you believe is your problem, not mine. Religion has done a lot of bad things over the years. And a bunch of good things.

Spread of literacy and books.
Giving people hope and something to believe in. Or false hope and keeping them complacent if that's your slant.
Tons of artwork.
Great monuments.
Cool stories.
Moral frameworks. ...That kind of turned out to reflect the societies of their age, e.g. Mohammed and misogyny.

My issue is this: Science is the act of furthering human knowledge by way of showing you've discovered things that are independently verifiable. I'm fairly certain that the whole thing about the Big Bang and Evolution and all that is, in each separate part of the human scientific knowledgebase, independently verifiable. It's PROVEN. You can go check out each individual part if you so desire, try to disprove it or improve it if you so please.

Yet no-one has put together an easy-to-follow chain of reasoning with hyperlinks to independently verifiable, peer-reviewed proof of each and every single little thing that underpins Evolution and the Big Bang and all that.

Might be nice for those Bill O'Reilly moments.

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