Hamas vs. Ultra-Zionist settlers. Who's worse? Beats me.

Please bear in mind that the same kind of film could be made about Hamas and Hezbollah and probably in Syria and Jordan and Egypt about some rather disgusting kinds of people there, as well.

That doesn't excuse the massive amounts of American taxpayer's dollars that go to THESE people. Or supporting them indirectly. Or private donations that should be illegal under the something something law saying you can't contribute to people on this or that State Dept list.

But I'm expecting that in the unlikely event that people find this blog and watch this, they'll just react with their usual reaction as most people's minds are already made up on this. I'm not expecting to change anyone's mind. I'm expecting to be accused of anti-Semitism for not mentioning THE Holocaust or for implying any sort of moral equivalence and so on and so forth.

I'm also expecting to be called a Zionist sympathizer.

So sue me.

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