Hydrogen Peroxide and bomb factories in your midst.


This is what a bomb factory in your major city looks like. Or your suburbs. Or out in the countryside.

Hydrogen peroxide. Liquid oxygen.

The lounge of the 7/7 bomb factory in LeedsThe bombers made no attempt to disguise their work, the inquest in London was told

The court heard that although the four bombers bought large amounts of the chemical in the months before the attacks, none of the sellers alerted police with any concerns.
The barrister representing four of the bereaved families, Gareth Patterson, said: "It is clear, isn't it, that in making these purchases the four men didn't act to any great degree in a covert way.
"They simply found these places, often using the internet, drove there, purchased the liquid oxygen and left."
Four suicide bombers killed 52 Tube and bus passengers in the 2005 atrocity.
I'm terribly sorry, but your right to privacy and being able to buy anything you want is simply going to have to take a backseat to the public's right not have terrorists and crazy people buy easy-to-access bomb-making materials openly with little fear of getting caught.

The idea isn't to make these types of events impossible - it's making them so difficult to pull off that the terrorists are better off just buying a handgun or using knives or a big flatbed loaded with gasoline. Sure, that'll be a mess and cost a bunch of lives, but better that than let them get IED materials from your local wholesaler.

Cry about the nanny state all you want. Bomb- and drug-making materials need to be regulated and not just sold to whomever.

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