Lara Logan. Hand grenades.



I realize this seems like a joke, but it's not. Lara Logan wants the whole world to know that she reported that Iraqis were using grenades. Next up for Lara: blowing the lid off the Taliban's brazen use of guns.

Mr. Schwarz (comments disabled in the first link, reason for this blog post), you may wish to actually read the full story you linked to. Here's the relevant part:

"When the pin is pulled and the grenade is thrown, a small parachute is released. It stabilizes the grenade and ensures that it comes down vertically on its target.
The shape [sic] charge inside punches through the armor, and slow-burning explosives are released to ensure the deadliest effect. 
During the battle in Dora, the Army says more and more of these hand grenades are being used. "

It's a shaped-charge armour-piercing grenade that's specifically designed and employed to puncture the relatively less armoured top of APV's. It's a very specific piece of weaponry that's not commonly available or even very well known outside of EOD/infantry military personnel. Which would be people like me. Apparently not people like you.

Lara Logan's mistake in the story she wrote may have been calling them hand grenades. They ARE hand grenades. Just not very normal ones. Let's just call them hand-delivered "armour-piercing shaped charges" which is a bit more accurate.

You don't throw these things at your target. You throw them ABOVE your target. They are very uncommon, to the point where most average military people won't even know about them. If they are being used a bunch, that's notable. Whether or not she should have reported it, I don't know. I don't see that information being used to very great effect by our enemies. I suppose I could be wrong, but these things are not easily manufactured or bought unless there happens to be a stockpile of them here and there.

In other news, this lady is apparently not a big fan of Michael Hastings. Good girl.

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