Pakistan. Idiocy.

Mr Tareen told a news conference: "The police investigation and forensic report show it was not self-defence.
"His plea has been rejected by police investigators. He gave no chance to them to survive.
Pakistani police escort US national Raymond Davis (centre) to a court in Lahore on 28 January 2011 Raymond Davis says the men were trying to hijack his vehicle at gunpoint
Mr Tareen also said that forensic evidence did not support Mr Davis's claim that one of the motorbike riders had approached his car window, cocked his gun and pointed it at him.
No fingerprints had been uncovered on the triggers of the pistols found on the bodies of the two men, he said.
And tests had shown that the bullets remained in the magazine of the men's gun, not the chamber.
"It was cold-blooded murder," said Mr Tareen. "Eyewitnesses have told police that he directly shot at them and he kept shooting even when one was running away. It was an intentional murder."
Excellent. I am now allowed to go to Pakistan, get a gun (gee - I wonder if the robbers' weapons were legal?) and point it at someone as long as I don't have a round in the chamber and don't touch the trigger or at least make sure to wear a glove or that my finger slides off the trigger to obscure any fingerprint residue - and no-one is allowed to defend themselves against me doing that. No matter that me and my buddy speed after you in your car right after you get done withdrawing money from an ATM. No matter that I robbed two people earlier in the same day.

Also, if I do get caught in an attempted robbery I just have to pretend that I'm running away and that way I can't get shot until I turn around and fire. I can run get my friends. I can go around the corner and then come back and ambush you.

There's a few very real crimes that took place here. First, was Raymond Davis legally allowed to carry a gun or not? Does he have diplomatic immunity or not? One would think these things would be spelled out in an Embassy agreement somewhere.

Second - the pedestrian/cyclist that was run over. Murder? No, probably not. Vehicular manslaughter - probably yes. There's a reasonable suspicion that the person driving the second car did not take proper care to not kill innocent civilians on his way to the scene of the robbery/killings.

The rest of this is just stupid. Unfortunately it still seems to be in the US' best interest that the Pakistani leadership keep Mr. Davis locked up for a while so as to prevent mass demonstrations and further violence. The Pakistani government cannot be seen to be kow-towing to the Americans.

As well, the US government personnel in Pakistan need to look at their procedures and legal statuses. This type of crap needs to be avoided by prior planning.

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