Rape victims denied justice.


There is a risk of "denial of justice" if Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is tried for rape in Sweden, his lawyer has told a UK extradition hearing.

Well hell, then. Let's just not prosecute people for rape. People who rape and claim innocence should just be allowed to leave the country and carry on with their lives. If they say they didn't do anything wrong, then everything is fine, right?

Or not. If you're sure of your innocence then stand up and say so in the court where you are accused. Your chances of being extradited from Sweden are no larger than they are in the UK.

Sucks when you get caught doing something bad, right? But I guess it wasn't rape since the girls continued to hang out with you afterward?

How about this:

What he did was probably some form of rape. How severe the crime was and what any possible punishment should be - is up to a court of law in the country where the alleged offense took place.

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