Religion taken a bit to the extreme.

Most people in general are not quite as stupid as Bill O'Reilly. He's a bit of an arrogant blowhard, kinda like me I suppose.

Most religious people are plenty smarter than someone who would say "How do tides work? - It's unexplained and must therefore be due to God!"

My high school physics and chemistry teacher was probably the school's biggest Christian. He never tired of talking about the laws of nature and chemistry and this and that, and it kind of surprised me when I found out he was a very religious person. In response he said that the more he studied and learned about physics and chemistry, the more convinced he became that God exists.

I respect that.

I also respect the old story (?) about the first Soviet cosmonauts in space who went into orbit and concluded that there was no God and no Heaven on the other side of the clouds and the atmosphere - just like I respect the US astronauts who went to the same place, saw the moon and the stars a little closer than you and I do tonight and came to the exact opposite conclusion from the same evidence.

Even if you give all the scientists the benefit of the doubt and assume (which makes an ... out of you and me) that everything they've ever discovered and proved is right about life, the universe and everything - then you still get back to the Big Bang and ask - "Okay, so what happened before that? Who or what made the Big Bang happen?"

Afaik science doesn't have an answer to that. If you choose to answer "God made the Big Bang" then there's nothing I or any other non-religious person can really say to that. I'd probably just say "Yep, you might be right" and move on.

Bill O'Reilly might do good to take a hint from my old high school physics teacher imho.

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