Stupidity kills.

 Medical tourism. Girl, 20, travels from London to Philadelphia to get injected with something that's illegal in both the UK and the US. In a hotel. By someone she met on the internet.

"Bottom augmentation is becoming more popular and originated in South America, in places like Brazil," said Paul Harris, plastic surgery consultant at the Royal Marsden hospital in London.
Mr Harris added that though bottom augmentation procedures were becoming increasingly popular with women in the UK, liquid silicone injections were not practiced because of the risks associated with them.
Anyone wishing to have a cosmetic procedure should check the credentials of the company and unit offering treatment, Mr Harris said.
"Despite recent changes in regulation, there are still patients who take part in medical tourism and go outside the UK," he added.

Why blog about this? Awareness. Not that many people read this. But hey, at least someone looking at what News stories get blogged about will now see that one more person blogged about this story. More people that know, the more information out there to stop this rampant stupidity from killing more people.

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