2011 Sendai Japan Earthquake and Tsunami. Nuclear accident.


Above link is the best live-updated news ticker I could find. I lived in Japan for 1.5 years and worked on a Navy ship out of Yokosuka as well as a bouncer in a nightclub in Roppongi, Tokyo.

The Japanese have the best earthquake-preparedness in the world. All their buildings are designed to withstand this stuff. But apparently their nuclear power plants were not quite up to snuff for Tsunamis. Heads will roll. The green advocacy groups will have a field day with this.

At the very least some radioactive steam has been released. A meltdown is possible, but at this time seems not likely. The Japanese government seems to play down the release. Human casualties from radiation seems very unlikely. Environment effects from steam pressure release seems likely to be minor, if anything at all. It's still a big deal.

FFI see http://twitter.com/#!/arclight

Likely total casualties: 1000+

SECSTATE said US reactor coolant had been flown in to Fukushima. USAF-Pentagon denied this, later. Either might be right. Let's just hope the plant chiefs/operators weren't too proud to ask for help if they needed it. That help may or may not have been needed or been useful at all. The Japanese are very smart, and they're also very nationalistic, proud and sometimes racist (see attitudes v.v. Koreans and Chinese). See the deaths during the night of JAL 123 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japan_Airlines_Flight_123

I miss Japan. I miss the people and the language and the culture. Loved it. They'll pull through and emerge better, stronger.

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