Pakistani Minority Affairs Minister Shahbaz Bhatti assassinated. Good man.

"They say there's a terrorist plot to assassinate me," he said. "They've told me to be careful, but didn't tell me anything else. I haven't been given any extra security. It's just the same as it has been since I became a minister."
Though his voice sounded weary, the minister's commitment was unwavering. "I have struggled for a long time for justice and equality," he said.
"If I change my stance today, who will speak out? I am mindful that I can be assassinated any time, but I want to live in history as a courageous man."


Another good guy bites the dust. Hopefully some will pay attention to him, eventually. Might get worse before it gets better, though. Eventually freedom, facebook, twitter and the internet will pull through, but that might take a good 50 years or so.

Kids growing up will find out for themselves what's going on. China won't be able to keep the internet under an official thumb forever. Chinese and Japanese and North Korean arch-nationalists will eventually go under in the face of smart, young people.

Same thing with Pakistani fundamentalists and conspiracy theorists. It's gonna be a rough ride, though. Hopefully without a nuclear war in the Middle East, but that'll happen sooner or later.

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