Palestinian terror attack in West Bank. 3-5 Israeli civilians killed.


Israeli media said the attacker broke into a house in the settlement of Itamar overnight and stabbed to death a couple and three children, including a baby, from the same family.

Settlement is located smack dab in the middle of the West Bank. Nowhere close to Israel's internationally recognized boundaries (the 1967 Green Line).

Terrorist attack? Yes.
Hunt down and kill or capture the attacker? Sure, go ahead. You won't see me crying.
Demolish houses and punish entire communities? Hey now, easy there. What's the big rush in blaming an ethnicity for the crimes of one person or a few people? I thought we stopped doing that some time ago.

What in the hell were your civilians doing that far into enemy territory?
Three kids were obviously non-combatants. The two adults on the other hand, I really don't know. Did they regularly carry weapons? Were they there as religious fanatics? What the hell were they doing there?

A. Get your civilians out of occupied territory.
B. Go right ahead and murder the people who shoot rockets at you. Try to minimize civilian collateral damage in so doing.

The settlements are weighing down this entire process. They are gradually entrenching Israel in the affairs of the Palestinians and creating a very clear ethnic-religious dividing line inside there - which is more and more akin to apartheid. And I'd rather not be associated with that kind of crap.

I wouldn't mind fighting and putting my life on the line to defend Israel's right to exist within its 1967 borders, though. Sign me up. I'm perfectly comfortable with American lives possibly being lost, and American dollars certainly being spent - on defending that. Just not the settlers and the West Bank and Gaza. Please.

The USA as a general rule does not establish ethnically or religiously "pure" settlements in Iraq and Afghanistan. In fact we're in the process of trying to get the hell out of both areas.

Yep, back in the day some really nasty things happened to Native Americans. But we kinda outgrew doing business that way.

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