U.S. Military. DADT. Heteronormativity. LGBT. Gay rights. Pedophilia. Bestiality. What's next?


If you were offended by the title to this post I am genuinely sorry. I'm guessing the LGBT people would be offended that I include that latter stuff in this post. The pedophilia apologists would no doubt be offended that I include the stuff after them. The "normal" heteronormative people are just plain offended. Just trying to make one single all-inclusive coherent framework for myself regarding people's sexuality and its impact on official stuff like military and society and taxes and whatnot.

I like to consider myself a reasonable, fairly even-handed person. I've got my biases and my prejudices. Been around a fair number of LGBT people and military personnel in my ten years in the Navy - never had a problem with any of them while working, while working as a bouncer in Roppongi, on ships or in ports. The very weird subculture of eunuchs in India weren't very much fun to deal with though - being accosted while riding in cabs and whatnot wasn't fun.

Plenty of gay people involved in CrossFit. Two females that I know very well got married to each other and $50,000 later they finally had a kid and are planning on another. I did NOT mention that I know people who provide non-artificial insemination for free. I'd like the court of public opinion to keep that last fact in mind, at least. I'm not a completely horrible person.

I elect to not associate with transgender people. In fact just talking or writing or reading about it gives me the creeps. Dunno why. I tolerate them. Hopefully they tolerate me and leave me alone. They did when I was heavily into clubbing and worked as a bouncer. They didn't cause trouble and I didn't cause them trouble. If trouble found them I would have tried to solve that as quickly as possibly by removing the trouble-maker, no matter who or what sex (or "not" sex).

If a good-looking girl comes up to me and wants to talk I'm generally in favour of that.
If a dude comes up to me and wants to talk I'm generally NOT in favour of that.
If a transgender person comes up to me and wants to talk I'm generally creeped out. If I'm in an official position like an on-duty CrossFit trainer or working for the government then I really kinda have to deal with them in a professional manner, but that's about where it stops. Act professionally and I will respond the same way. No further. No more. Step across that line and bother me needlessly and I will ask that person to leave, or find a way to not have to deal with that person anymore.

So, the subject. DADT is dead and a good thing, too. What you do in the privacy of your own home or barracks room is your business, not mine. Be considerate to other people. Even diehard conservatives and religious fundamentalists. Ok, maybe not the last ones.

Gay marriage. Doesn't bother me. Go for it. Pay your taxes just like everyone else. Deal with the money and the paperwork like everyone else. I still kinda think you could let the conservatives have the word "marriage" and settle for the term "civil union" with the explicit law that the two are the same for all legal and social purposes - knowing that ten years from now the fight would be won for that particular word. But separate is never equal after all.

The US military will adjust to this new paradigm and will work to stop discrimination. It will not succeed completely. People will get hurt. Watch out.

Ten years from now there'll be another push for transgender people to join. Personally I'd prefer if you completed your surgery and therapy FIRST, and then joined. If you're already in you might be able to get the government to pay for it, but it'd be kinda underhanded to have that as someone's main motivation to join. The US military has a mission. You work toward that mission, and if that's not your main concern, please kindly GTFO. It is not your personal social or political petri dish. People are getting killed left and right and you are primarily concerned about this or that social transformation. Bugger off.


Yes. To some extent that's true. But don't use the military as a cash cow to get your surgery paid for. Do what you need to do, then come on in and serve with honour. Anything else, including lying about it and trying to force the issue, is going to be found out and have to be dealt with and you WILL make a lot of average, uninterested people who just want to get the training or the war over with - VERY uncomfortable. Now you're rocking the boat. The person rocking the boat during already hazardous and troubling and difficult circumstances - needs to get out of that boat and back onto shore.

So polygamy. Sure. Bring it on. I don't really see the big deal if a group of people want to be married with one guy and 5 women. I don't think it's necessarily good for society but a bunch of women seem to disagree. As long as it's open and freely entered into, who cares? It's not part of the US tradition or even Western tradition but oh well. Live and let live. Investigate. Transparency is a good thing. As long as it's not a cultish thing where you're forcing people to do this or that.

The money and taxes and immigration aspect of that would be a thorny problem. Some sort of reasonably fair solution should be possible.

Some people like to have sexual relations with animals. Not cool. Incapable of giving informed consent. Same with minors. What's that got to do with LGBT stuff? The LGBT crowd would no doubt be offended by me including that at the end of a post like this. The regular people otoh see the whole thing as kind of a slippery slope with the whole bestiality/pedophilia thing at the end. The vast majority of LGBT people would probably be just as horrified as I was to see the kinds of images I have seen when called over to a Navy computer in the middle of the night by a supposed "buddy" who said "Hey, come check this out!"

Personally I'd like to focus on the fact that I just plain don't care what you do in the privacy of your own home between consenting adults. Adults defined per country and culture. That was the point. Feel free to quote me out of context and be upset.

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