Women's Repression in Saudi Arabia. Fix please.

We need an Islamic Reform movement. We need Saudi Arabia to look beyond Wahabism.

First –Women cannot have their rights until the system of Male Guardianship is completely taken off the laws and rules of the Saudi state. The Male Guardian or "Mahram" is the father, brother, husband, or even son who has all the legal rights to control a Saudi woman's life in different ways.  

- The Saudi Woman cannot work or apply to a job without the permission of her legal male guardian.
- The Saudi Woman does not have the right to travel without her "Mahram" or without his written permission. 

- The Saudi Woman cannot receive education without the permission of her male guardian and cannot travel to receive education abroad without his permission even if she was awarded a scholarship from the state.

- The Saudi woman does not have the rights of marriage and divorce without the permission from her male guardian. Human Rights Watch 2010 report stated two incidents of men marrying off their sisters five times to get money, in Braida and Riyadh.
- The Saudi Woman does not have the right to follow and finish her official documents and papers without the permission of her male guardian including her cases in court. Human Rights Watch 2010 report mentioned a woman named Sawsan Salim in Qasim who was punished with 300 lashes and one year and a half in jail for showing up to court without a "Mahram". 
- The Saudi woman cannot have medical surgery without the permission of her male guardian. 
- The Saudi Woman cannot make a bank account for her kids, enroll them in schools, ask for their school files, or travel with them without the permission of her male guardian.

Second –Saudi Arabia Should prohibit, fight, and ban violence against women and create laws to save women rights to sue everyone who use violence against them even if they were their legal male guardians.
Third – Saudi Arabia should completely ban marriage for females under the age of 18. 
Fourth –Saudi Arabia should guarantee the right of car driving to women. The Saudi woman is being obligated to hire male drivers to practice her normal daily life and to go to work.
Fifth –Saudi Arabia should impose complete gender equality in different areas and give the same responsibilities and rights to both genders including the right for the Saudi women to pass citizenship to her kids, which happens to be a natural right for Saudi males.
Sixth –Saudi Women should have their complete political rights which are guaranteed to Saudi men such as running and voting for elections in municipality councils.
Why the hell are we even talking about this kind of stuff in the year 2011? You cry about gender equality in Sweden and political correctness in the U.S. while this stuff is going on?

Way too many cultures in the world operate on a system of privilege - where the upper classes and connected people get to do whatever they want. It's changing in China. "My father is Li Gang!" won't work anymore. It'll change in the Middle East, too - but that's gonna be a hard sell and tough to get going.

I'm thinking the women of Iran might take a stab at it here sooner or later. Literally. Stab the Ayatollah.

You can't stop this, bearded old men trying to tell young people how to think and act. Go ahead and try. Capitalism, facebook, twitter and universal human values will eventually just steamroll your old crap.

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