2011 Koran Burning. UN personnel beheaded in protest in Mazar-e-Sharif.


11+ people killed.
One Koran put on "trial" for six hours. "Jury" deliberated for 8 minutes. The book was then set on fire, immediately (?) after the jury had delivered its verdict. The book had been soaking in kerosene for an hour.

That means the verdict was pre-determined?

Either case, let's not deliberately insult each other's religions. No need to go around burning Korans or Bibles or Torahs or whatever. Also no need to kill completely unrelated UN personnel. What the hell did they have to do with anything? They're just there to try to help people. Unless you're just using the Koran burning as an excuse to further the interests of the Taleban, Al-Qaeda or various religious extremists, in which case it makes sense. Drive out the foreigners and put Afghanistan back in the Dark Ages, keep your women enslaved and the bearded old mullahs in charge.

If you're gonna burn a Koran, I suggest you go to Saudi Arabia or Pakistan or Afghanistan and do it. Have some guts. Cowards.

All that said. What are the results of this?

1. Afghanistan will hurt for development personnel. Long term damage to the country, its people and women and economy.
2. UN gets a bloody nose, has to step up security and curtail operations.
3. Dead innocent civilians, further cementing all reasonable people's opinion that the people who inhabit that part of the world (Afghanistan/Pakistan) are just plain insane and will continue to breed religious terrorists after the US pulls out.
4. The next Koran-burning incident won't be quite as big of a deal.
5. The islamic world takes its first small step on the path to getting used to insults and freedom of speech.

It sucks, but all religions simply have to face that fact that their believers can't control the actions and speech or writings or drawings or burnings of people who don't believe in that religion. I can tell you that you desecrating my holy book is a great crime, but I can't force you to believe that.

Eventually there'll be an Islamic Reformation. Women, freedom of speech, freedom to leave your religion, all that. Then idiots who burn books will not even be news, and will just be regarded as the idiots they are. In passing, with no cultural or political significance. Same thing with people who draw cartoons of Mohammed or Jesus or whomever.

Eventually. Til then there'll be lots of innocent dead civilians. And very upset religious people.

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