Afghanistan. Taliban prison escape. 3rd world culture. Corruption. Education.


470+ people escaped, amongst which ~100 commanders, i.e. officer-level insurgents.

Ok, bad things happen. People escape from jails all the time. American POWs did the same during WW2. What's the big deal?

It's not that the war just got worse. It's not that there's now another few hundred enemy fighters to fight or capture again. It's not that it's a huge propaganda victory.

It's the fact that the culture in this country, and in most places like it, mean people are okay with keeping a hundred commanders with their common soldiers, that prison authorities and politicians (corrupt) are okay with keeping hundreds and hundreds of these people in what is essentially a common area.

No locks, no patrols, no compartmentalized secure bulkheads inspected every hour.

Good luck, Afghanistan. With all that corruption and mismanagement and hatred and religious fanaticism, I'm thinking these politicians and self-serving warlords deserve a non-Taleban secular uprising.


540 prisoners total.

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