Sarah Palin. Fake pregnancy? Doubt it. Leftist "birthers".


Basically the issue is that Sarah Palin is being accused by some fairly conspiracy-theory-ish people (a northern Kentucky college journalism professor et al) of faking a pregnancy to protect her daughter and to further her political career in the run-up to the 2008 election.

I'm inclined to take the Palin camp's word for this until there's some concrete evidence to the contrary, which I don't think the professor sleuth has provided, though his paper was interesting and grounds for some intrepid investigative journo to go hell bent for leather on the issue.

1. If she wants to squash the rumours - which may or may not be in her best interest - it'd be rather easy to do. But then she'd be letting herself down to Obama's level in having to provide official documents.

2. On the odd chance that I'm wrong and this was a pregnancy hoax, it's the biggest public duping of the American public since Curveball and the WMDs and - hat's off - almost impossible to pull off. Plus honestly I don't find people who lie to protect their family from unwanted public scrutiny quite as odious as people who lie to protect their family who happen to commit crimes. Clinton and Monica Lewinsky and all that lying - kind of to be expected. "Ingroup-Outgroup Bias" and family ties and blood is thicker than water etc., etc.





Full disclosure: I'm a reasonable conservative, voted for McCain, support the CINC (no big new wars, no torture, show the US and the world that a black man can be the most powerful man on the planet) and would like to see anyone but Palin get the GOP nod in 2012. Condi Rice preferably, assuming she admits and repudiates her torture-approving past. And the whole WMD groupthink stuff.

Here's Palin while visibly pregnant during the time in question:

Conspiracy theorists would of course say that's easy to do with a pillow or a strap or a stuffed girdle and some makeup or whatever. Possible? Sure. Likely? No. That's a long ways to go to pull off a stunt like that. A little too far for her to pull it off without a hitch, imho. Someone would have talked by now, very likely. A little easier to pull off than having hundreds and hundreds of people involved in a US-Israeli attack on the World Trade Centers, but still, more or less impossible. Some journalist is on record as having felt her belly covered with a thin shirt. Sounds like pretty conclusive evidence to me.

More reason not to believe the conspiracy theory.

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