Bribespot. Grass-roots internet vs. Corruption.


Bribespot is an app that allows you to see how much corruption is going on around. Using your smartphone (or a website) you can report locations where bribes are requested/paid, indicate the size of a bribe and area of government affected by it.
By accumulating data from thousands of anonymous users, we turn isolated users into powerful movement against corrupt individuals and institutions. Choose one the three ways to use Bribespot:
  • Mobile app for Android
  • Mobile app for iPhone (coming soon)
  • Website
In the future, we will add localized versions of the apps for specific countries and make data collected via our application to interested individuals and organizations. If you want to support these efforts, please consider donating to Bribespot.
Bribespot was developed and launched during a startup competition Garage48 Tallinn in April 2011. It's the event that brings together participants with different skills - from software development and marketing to design and business management - to turn new ideas into working businesses.
Bribespot was built by international team coming from Estonia, Lithuania, Finland and Iran. Find out more about the individuals by clicking on the name:Kimmo (project manager), Dovydas (developer), Mehrnoosh (marketer), Paulius (designer), Sten (developer), Aleksandr (developer), Viktor (mobile developer), Tomas (PR and marketing), Vytautas (mobile developer), Artas Bartas (team leader).


Like the idea? Why not become a fan of our Facebook page! We welcome your feedback and would be happy to answer your inquiries. You can reach us via email or find us on Twitter
Sooner or later someone will come up with the good idea to pay money for credible reports of corruption, and figure out a way to screen out false reports or people being pissed off about paying $25 for this or that government service that they think should be a free so they try to make their local government look bad on this or that app or website.
Citizen journalism, preferably with video or audio evidence. In another ten years when every cellphone has a video camera and a camera snake or a lapel pin camera. Get forced to pay a bribe, record the transaction. Post to website. Get money. Publicly shame the official or criminal or whomever.
More good stuff at http://www.transparency.org/

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