Do not buy a Mac if you might be job-hunting anytime soon.

Most webmasters do not bother trying to make sure that their website functions properly on every single Operating System and with every single browser.

That means majority rules. Almost all government and military entities us some sort of Windows OS and then Internet Explorer. Most big companies as well.

A busy executive sitting at his desk that spends one minute looking at the new employment/career website he ordered from the tech guys downstairs - is not going to bother looking at and QA-ing that same website with multiple browsers and OS's. If he doesn't see a problem in less than a minute, he assumes it's good to go and moves on to more important business.

The tech guy that coded the site gets a pat on the back and goes back to work on something else.

Which leaves the Mac user population with the options of jumping through hoops with emulators or using multiple different browsers or just plain doing their job hunting on a different computer.

This computer will likely be my last Mac. Bought it for the express purpose of filming UI-less CGI within a certain 12million-subscriber MMO. Purpose which is no longer applicable. Goodbye overpriced niche with a cult pseudo-hipster following.

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