Incompetence kills you and your friends.


Al-Qaeda leader Huthaifa al-Batawi, accused of masterminding the deadly siege of a Baghdad church last October, reportedly led the revolt.
He grabbed an officer's gun while being led to an interrogation and shot four policemen dead, including the head of the unit.
Five other officers were wounded in crossfire before Batawi was killed.

You let a dedicated terrorist/insurgent within reach of your gun while you're transferring him. You're stupid. Now you're dead. Hopefully your friends and colleagues learn something from the manner in which you chose to die. You chose to be the kind of person who doesn't pay attention to dangerous criminals right next to you, because it's never been a problem before, and no-one has ever dared try anything before because you're "the man" and you're the "macro" and the "big boss" and you're tough. You chose to either not put proper prisoner-handling procedures into place, or not follow those procedures. You're dead because of it. Which isn't important. But your friends are dead, too - which is.

Accidents happen. People make mistakes. Police officers make mistakes. My former martial arts instructor was a cop. Him and his partner were dropping a guy off in a cell after an arrest, but his partner forgot to leave his gun outside. The man went for the gun as soon as the handcuffs came off, and my instructor brained him with an oversized metal club, errr... I meant to say Mag light. Which caused a stroke. Which lead to a lawsuit. I'm fairly sure all involved would rather that the cop had *not* forgotten to leave his gun outside when dropping off the prisoner.

It's just that in some businesses, making a serious mistake - even a minor one - gets you, and more importantly your friends, killed. That ain't no good. But now people will learn from it, I hope.

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