Rape and risk and blaming the victim.



Get some mace or pepper spray. And some situational awareness - I see way too many young girls running around with headphones on and not a care in the world. To me that just screams "VICTIM".

You're never gonna find a perfect airtight defense, but staying in groups, knowing your drinking limits, trusting no-one, learning some self-defense, getting some strength via a GPP program and always thinking about where you'd run to or what you'd do if something happened - all that helps.

If all else fails you can hire me at $4000/month plus expenses.


Sometimes I wonder about people who seem like they deeply badly *want* to find something to be outraged about in what someone else writes. Is it really that important to have something to be angry about?

Either case, you're never gonna find that one silver bullet that kills off all the risks that you take just living life sort of normally. But you can take step to minimize those risks, which won't help you much if you're 85 years old, though.

I'm so terribly sorry if me trying to help others by sharing my training and experience offends anyone. If I happen onto a sexual assault in progress I'd be likely to first call the cops and then find a way to royally hurt the person doing the assaulting. Hmmm... gouging the eyes out of a rapist from behind - yeah, I'd do that.

As far as the "DOESN'T HELP" comment - bullshit. What doesn't help one person might save the life of another. I realize people don't want to hear this, but truth hurts sometimes - you're looking at an anecdotal sample size of one. Your experience is valid, but not universally applicable.
The world is an awful evil place where people get betrayed by those they trust the most, let alone what happens between total strangers. Common sense and protecting yourself and staying vigilant and training yourself to deal with emergencies will help mitigate risk, but unless you have mad amounts of cash many risks will never go away completely. Good luck. 

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