The year 2011. I heart democracy.


The subtext of which being how many of your personal favourite country(ies) are allied with or have massive business dealings with or have substantial corrupt business dealings with how many of the repressive regimes depicted here?

We all want a perfect world.

Then we meet the harsh reality, which is that international relations and foreign policy is, like most politics in general, the art of the possible.

Let's assume that US foreign policy has an attack of conscience and gives a massive kick in the crotch to our relationship with Saudi Arabia, for example. Now you have a revolt on Capitol Hill due to lobbying this and oil that. Ooops there goes cheap gas, or rather our half-heard ability to even have a minor say in such things. Good thing in the long run in my personal and very un-orthodox opinion, but not so good for most analysts in the short- and medium-term. There goes a huge part of our Middle East intelligence cooperation network. There goes our bases. There goes our support for operations in Iraq. Now you have an emboldened Iran.

To put it simply, just going full blast with the moral high-horse cannons against Riyadh right now is simply not an option. We're gonna have to go with very gradual change on that one. Much to the detriment of a lot of Arab and Muslim women in general and Arab/Muslim lesbians, gays, bi-sexuals and transgender people in particular. Which don't exist according to Iranian and Saudi leaders.

Now there's something to really get the moral outrage patrol legitimately stoked up about. But Al Jazeera and Huffington Post and Jezebel and Gawker and Reddit and Anonymous and Wikileaks have easier targets closer to home. And just like terrorists, they tend to go for the easy, close targets. That's okay. In their position I would, too.


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