Michele Bachmann 2012


She's a woman. Great. Awesome. About time we had a female President and most powerful person on the planet. About time we show the Middle East, Africa, South America and Asia that in our country anyone can succeed and reach the very pinnacle of power. Personally I'd prefer if that person was Black and named Condoleeza Rice, or if not then Latina, but if I can't have that I'll settle for the "woman" part being a net positive gain for the world. You might laugh but stuff like that has an impact on little girls growing up in Iraq, Saudi Arabia or Syria or Afghanistan or Uzbekistan or Pakistan who then compare her story to their own society and realize how f***** up it is that they can't drive or vote or wear what clothes they want to wear or express their opinion or get married to who they want to marry or feel safe and accepted as a LGBT minority.

She's a fiscal conservative. Great. Awesome. Yay some bloody fiscal sense and let's not throw money around like we actually have it. We don't. Let's start cutting back the borrowing.

She's got IRS history. Awesome. I'm guessing she has a more in-depth understanding of tax issues than I do.

She's got legislative history. Great. Awesome.

She's not Sarah Palin. Half-baked half-term completing with a huge lack of experience, there.

Bachmann supports the teaching of intelligent design in public school science classes.
Well, that's bloody stupid.

She's a patriot. Only I'm wondering if she's not a bit more of an Israeli patriot than a US patriot. I suppose you could be both - but then you'd have to disavow the settlers in the West Bank and the whole keeping Gaza under lock and key in a ghetto thing. Not to mention the oodles of money that goes from private donors in the US to settlers and all kinds of nasty territorial grabs in East Jerusalem every year. Kind of like the money that flows to Hamas and Hezbollah from Syria, Jordan, the Gulf States and all that crap. That kind of crap has a direct result in massive US foreign policy issues and dead US soldiers, some of whom are my friends. Longer wars. Easier recruiting for Al Qaeda and the Pakistani Taliban and Lashkar-e-Taiba and all that. More trouble in the long term. Easier for the extreme right in Israel to feel that they just have to play out the clock in their conflict with the Palestinians in regards to refugees who want to return, the Barrier and water and land grabs. That crap is not in Israel's best interest, by the way, so easy on the trigger there what with calling me an anti-Semite for writing so.

Bachmann supports both a federal and state constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage and any legal equivalents.
Doesn't bother me, though Yes, it is discrimination in my personal opinion. But I don't really care about it, as long as you leave the door open for civil unions to be recognized. Eventually gay marriage will be recognized universally - you simply can't stop the idea that people should be allowed to marry whomever they want. Eventually polygamy will become legal, as well. Hopefully that's the end of it. Let's not get into the whole marrying your computer or kids or dogs thing. But my position is that the word "marriage" is not the deal breaker, here. You can have a law that says "marriage" is between a man and a woman while protecting the civil right to a civil union with all the same legal and social and financial and fiscal stuff as a marriage. In fact, if the gay agenda activists had gone the way of advocating for "civil rights" instead of "marriage rights" I think the vast majority of average, un-interested, reasonable moderate individuals like myself would have signed a few more petitions. I didn't sign the petition in front of the store the other day since they insisted on the whole "marriage" thing. If it had been for "civil rights" I'd have signed in a heartbeat.

So Bachmann apparently wants to outlaw even civil unions. Bad on her. The whole "marriage" word thing she and her evangelical religious freaks can have. Let's not beat around the Bush here, this whole thing stinks to high heaven of being rooted in religious paternalistic bigotry and prejudice. Leviticus and all that.
"We need to have profound compassion for people who are dealing with the very real issue of sexual dysfunction in their life and sexual identity disorders."
Umm... what people do in the privacy of their own house or bar or club between consenting adults is none of my business and none of yours. Keep it civil on the street and in public please. What puts people off from sympathizing with gays' civil rights struggles is the leather and outrageous behaviour and obscene dress and in-your-face attitude and appropriating the rainbow as a symbol.

If a person dressed in normal business attire came up to me and said "Hi, I'm lesbian/gay/bi and I just want my civil right to have a civil union with my long-term partner" then I'd say "Hell yeah where do I sign?"

In 2006, Bachmann stated that she would vote to permit abortion in cases of rape and incest. 
Works for me. I personally don't see that the right of an unborn child outweighs a woman's right to decide what goes on in her own body until maybe that child has a decent chance of survival outside the woman's body without a massive amount of medical intervention and costly technology and gear, but abortion is never exactly a good thing, just the least bad outcome - so if people in different states want to legislate against it while still leaving options for rape/incest/mother's life in danger, then I don't have a problem with that. Don't live in that state. Or fight it in the courts. Show the hypocrisy of the people who target abortion clinics and Planned Parenthood and then end up having abortions themselves, or send their daughter in for it while still insisting that their experience is an exception to the rule. Just because she's not 100% on my side of this doesn't mean she can't be a decent President.


She completely avoids the issue of Agribusiness subsidies and non-market-decided water prices, both of which need to go away. Let the market settle it. Compete with the outside world or find another business to be in. "Death Tax"? I couldn't care less, though the American tax burden in general falls disproportionately on the lower and middle-income targets and smarter/more successful people can structure their way around a heavy tax burden, so this might help a tiny bit.


My top priorities as a constitutional conservative:

  • Restore our economy and create millions of new jobs.
  • Repeal Obamacare and its unconstitutional mandates.
  • Achieve deep cuts in spending to reduce America's debt.
  • Strengthen the family and defend marriage.
  • Rebuild respect for America as the shining city upon a hill.
Nice work to whatever Political Consultant wrote that. State no specifics and appeal to a wide audience. Maximize electability and confuse the spectrum. Fudge as much as possible and avoid any clearcut statements. People are stupid and smoke cigarettes and eat fast food and kill each other with guns and buy drugs from Mexico. That translates to a huge health care and crime problem that costs a ton of money. Obamacare might not be a perfect solution to that, but it might be a start. Honestly I'm not educated enough on the issue to say Yes or No.

"Achieve deep cuts in spending to reduce America's debt." ...Every politician's favourite promise - with no specifics. I suppose that might be necessary, I'll give her the benefit of the doubt on that.

Evangelical Christianity and perceived craziness.
She's a politician. Politicians say stupid things sometimes. Tea Party people even more so. The very leftist Gawker and Jezebel websites seem to be on a bit of a witch-hunt against her due to the anti-gay marriage thing and of course abortion. She's less nuts than Palin, at least. I'm not terribly enthused with the prospect of deeply religious people being in power, but that's what you get in the US - voters tend to like people with strong religious beliefs. Oh well.

All in all not horrible, but the religiosity and the Israeli patriotism and the die-hard anti-gay and anti-abortion things kind of put me off. At least she hasn't condoned or passed along orders to torture people, like Condoleeza Rice did.

Why this post and not one about Jon Huntsman or one of the others? Buzz. Keep seeing the media report her as an early front runner, which will translate into a lot of fund-raising potential, which unfortunately goes to TV advertising which is a major path to getting elected in the US. Yes, it takes a lot of cash to get elected. Which sucks. And turns regular state and federal Congress members into pay-to-play dopes in the pocket of special interest lobbies. Arguably one of the most corrupt systems on the planet, but there's not much better alternatives - we can just hope for a little more transparency over time.


The newspaper also reported a Bachmann family farm in Wisconsin, where she is listed as a partner, received about $260,000 in federal subsidies.
This from a candidate who argues vehemently on the need to cut government spending.

While we're at it, her husband is a bit of a bigot and wants to re-educate people in their sexuality. How about we just let people do what they want to do in the privacy of their own homes and clubs and bars and churches? Let's not force churches to officiate weddings that they don't want to, and let's not bother the LGBT people about their private lives.

In conclusion: some good things, too many extreme Tea-Party-crazy evangelist-inspired positions for me to get behind. Meh.

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